Emily Paluba (they/she), 22, is a queer poet and writer from New Jersey who indulges in many art forms, where their passion for advocacy meets their love for poetry. Their work appears in Full House Literary, Queerlings, and elsewhere, and they’re currently working on their first collection of poetry. When they’re not in their notebook, you can find them horseback riding, walking their dog, doing yoga, or napping. Follow them on Instagram @emilypaluba.

Latest from the Blog

What Alok Teaches Us About Bodies and Love

Alok, the transfeminine writer and performance artist, writes poetry that expands and materializes the abstract nature of the foundational queer and feminist theorist Judith Butler’s theory on gender as a collection of performances, enacting ideas like those found in feminist disability studies, with thinkers like Rosemarie Garland-Thomson. Performance theory is commonly understood as an explanation…

Trans Body, Earth, & Universe: Candrilli’s WATER I WON’T TOUCH

Amidst a poetry collection full of imagery relating to the earth and the body, the title poems in Kayleb Rae Candrilli’s book Water I Won’t Touch strike an interesting chord. We enter the book wondering what water they will touch, and why there are two categories. These questions are left open, but what grounds the…

How to Re-Energize Back into a Routine

Part of me doesn’t feel qualified to write this because I’ve lost touch with healthy routines so many times in the last few years. But actually, I feel like this makes me someone who can bring a lot of insight to the table when it comes to what is needed to truly create a sustainable…

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