Welcome to a Safe Place for all Healing and Growth

When I was a junior in high school, my English teacher had us all create a blog as a space to post thoughts and ideas about the books we were reading throughout the year. Many students groaned with angst, but I was genuinely intrigued by this. I had never heard of students being asked to create a blog for class. What at first excited me turned into the assignment I looked forward to the most. Through these posts, I cultivated my love for language and expressing myself. I’m unable to log into my old blog, but feel free to peruse it. Here’s the link: http://emilypaluba.blogspot.com/. I missed sharing my ideas, no matter how trivial, with anyone willing to read them. Because of this, I created a new & improved version of the blog that 16-year-old me created for class. It is a part of my new wesbite where anyone can go to learn more about me, see places my work has been published, and get in touch with me. This blog will be a medium for me to express and share things about my human experience, and it is a safe place for all growth and healing, whether it be painful or beautiful or both. It’s an absolute pleasure to have you here. Please comment on any posts at any point. I would love to interact with you!

2 responses to “Welcome to a Safe Place for all Healing and Growth”

  1. I cannot wait to see what you do with this new platform, too! You continue to inspire me with not only your gift as a writer but with your compassion and strength as a person! XOXO

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