“baby in space” & “chapped metal and folded flesh” forthcoming in Ergi Press

“auras of a night walk,” “waning gibbous: the embrace,” & “bear trap around my heart” in The Normal Review Spring 2023

“novembering,” “definition of talking over,” “otherworld,” & “eve” in Color Theory: A GSWS Zine (Vol. 3)

“everleaves,” “ann at night,” & “outside myself” in Door Is A Jar | Buy a copy here

“foreshadowing” in Color Theory: A GSWS Zine (Vol. 2)

“ascension,” “viewpoint from above,” “something bitter left behind,” proclamations,” & “flight” in [Alternate Route] | Buy the paperback or ebook here to support the zine

“shadow” in Lavender Bones

“gaea’s grandchild,” “things i wish i could say to my girlfriend’s mother, part 13,” & “another” in Queerlings

“four years too late” in Full House Literary

“moonflower” & “nebulous femme” in Color Theory: A GSWS Zine (Vol. 1)

“Zip Ties and Loneliness,” “Spinning Still,” & an untitled haiku in The Normal Review Fall 2020

“Queer Feels Right With You” & “Light” in The Normal Review Fall 2019


Article about their yoga class for sexual trauma survivors in The Montclarion | “Yoga: A Path to Healing Trauma”

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